The conference technical program will consist of plenary addresses, keynote addresses by eminent scientists/academicians and technical paper presentations. Papers are invited from Academicians, Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, Research Scholars and students as well as Industrial Professionals from all over the globe. The authors are requested to submit full paper within 8 pages as per prescribed format on or before the deadline. The full paper should include a cover letter and full details (affiliation, address, telephone, fax, email id and other contact information) of the corresponding author. Full papers submitted by authors will be peer double-blind reviewed by the Technical Committee members and based on reviewer’s comments/suggestions, then selected for oral presentation during the conference. Authors can submit the papers not limited to below listed themes.

Themes of the conference


Agricultural Engineering and Technology [Session Chair’s: Prof. Takashi Watanabe, Kumamoto University, JAPAN and Prof. P. Visweswara Rao, University Malaysia Kelanthan, MALAYSIA]
Agriculture and Climate Change
Abiotic stress
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural production systems
Agricultural science
Agroecology Agroforestry
Biotic stress
Crop alteration and biotechnology
Effects of CO2 on plant growth
Energy and agriculture
Environmental impact
Extensive farming
Farm Free range
Genetic engineering
Increased agricultural uncertainty
Intensive animal farming
Intensive crop farming
Intensive farming
Livestock Meat industry
Mechanised agriculture
New crops for a new climate
Organic farming
Poultry farming
Resource use efficiency
Stock-free agriculture Sustainable
Sustainability of agriculture
Technologies for rapid crop improvement
Urban agriculture
Architecture and Building Engineering [Session Chair:      ]
Architectural Planning, Design and History
Architectural Environment
Regional Environment
Global Environment
Urban Planning
Building Construction and Structures
Maintenance and Management
Energy Conservation
Material Recycling
Disaster Prevention and Universal Design

Civil Engineering and Technology

Structures and Construction [Session Chair: Dr. Deepak T J, Linton University College, MALAYSIA]
Earthquake-Resistant Design
Sustainable Construction
Structural Planning

Building Production and Materials
Renovation and Reinforcing
Improved Concrete
Eco-friendly Materials
Add Few More Related To Mechanical Engineering

Water Resources Engineering
River Processes
Urban Systems
Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management
Sustainable Water Resources
Environmental Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures
Surface and Ground Water Modelling
Water Resources Planning, Policy and Management

Geotechnical Engineering [Session Chair:    ]
Soil Policy, Strategy and the Future of Soil
Pedology and Geomorphology
Soil Mapping, Monitoring and Interpretation
Soil and Land Degradation
Soil Fertility and Soil Contaminants
Soil Physics and Processes
Soil Chemistry and Biology
Soil Mineralogy
Underground Construction and Tunneling
Rock Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Geo-environmental Engineering
Ground Improvement and Geo-Synthetics
Geotechnical Risk Assessment and Management
Forensic Investigation Geosynthetics Engineering
Geology, Mining and Blasting Engineering [Session Chair: Prof. D. Venkat Reddy, Retd. Prof., NITK, INDIA]
Mass Mining
Mine Geoscience and Predictive Rock Behaviour
Statistical Decision Science and Stochastic Modeling
Geostatistics and Spatial Modeling
Regional Resource Assessment
Blast Science
Clean Coal Technologies
Dewatering and Drying
Drilling Technology
Drilling, Blasting, Tunneling and Excavation
Education in Mining
Exploration Studies
Mine Design and Planning
Mine Mechanization and Ventilation
Mining Policies and Mine Legislation
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Occupational Health and Safety
Risk Assessment and Management in Mining
Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Applications
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications [Session Chair: Dr. Raju Aedla, Kumamoto University, JAPAN]
Global Change on Environmental Applications
Water Quality and Water Resources
Agriculture and Soil
Vegetation and Crops
Land Use/ Land Cover
Mountain Environment and Mapping
Coastal Zone Management
Urban Change/Monitoring
Feature Extraction and Change Detection
Satellite Digital Image Processing
Automatic/Intelligent Classification
Data Fusion and Data Mining
GIS Decision Support and Models
GIS Application in Resource Management
GPS and Photogrammetry
Ocean and Coastal Engineering [Session Chair:     ]
Ocean Engineering and Offshore Technology
Ocean and Coastal Observation Systems
Ocean Renewable Energy and Development
Coastal Processes
Port & Harbour Engineering and Dredging
Coastal Environment
Coastal Disasters and Risk Management
Coastal Planning, Policy and Management
Meteorology & Climatology

Energy and Environmental Engineering [Session Chair: Dr. Hafeez Basha R, Basha Research Corp., Singapore]
Thermal & Heavy Oil Recovery
Terrestrial Energy Sciences
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Energy and Climate Change
Thermal Energy Geothermal Energy
Electrochemical Engineering
Solar Energy
Maritime Energy
Electromechanical Energy
Materials for Energy
Energy Management and Control
Global Environmental Change and Ecosystems Management
Climate and Climatic Changes
Carbon Capture and Storage
Integrated Ecosystems Management
Satellite Applications in the Environment
Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Sustainability
Clean Technologies
Hazardous Substances and Detection Techniques
Electrical & Electronics Engineering [Session Chair: Dr. Bhagwan Reddy, Hyderabad, INDIA]
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Power Quality and Grounding
Smartgrids Technologies & Applications
Smart grid for cyber and physical security systems
Hybrid Power Systems
Power Market and Power System Economics
Power Electronics, Systems and Applications
Electric Drivers and Application
Electronic Materials
Intelligent Systems and Approach
Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)
Power integrated circuits (PIC)
Manufacturing Control Systems and Applications
Power Engineering and Power Systems
Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
Sensing and Sensor Networks
Optical Communications
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies
Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
Audio, Speech and Language Processing
Image Processing
Video Processing
Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging

Mechanical and Materials Engineering [Session Chair: Prof. Shuichi TORII, Kumamoto university, JAPAN]
Material Physical Properties
Microstructure, Interface Control and Engineering
Advanced Materials Processing
Environmental Engineering Materials
Functional Materials Design


Computer Science and Technology [Session Chair: Dr. A SN Chakravarthy, JNTU Kakinada, INDIA]
Algorithms, Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Material Science and Nano Technology

Computer Information Systems
Information Security and Privacy
Database and Data Mining
Modeling and Simulation
Information Systems
Geographical Information Systems
Big Data and Social Networks
Software Engineering
Software Development Engineering
Software Validation and Verification
Software Maintenance and Reengineering
Software Quality Control
Online Learning
Software Project Management
Professional Accreditation and Licensing
IT Services and Internet and Web Applications
IT and Industry

Networks and Communications
Wireless and Mobile Communications
Satellite and Optical communications
Ad-hoc Networks
Smart Grid Communications
Network Protocols
Programming Sensors
Cloud Computing and Applications
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Network Security
Digital Signal Processing

Multimedia Systems
User Experience
Image Detection and Recognition
Audio and Video Processing
Animation Technology
Signal and Image Processing
Multimedia Steganography and Steganalysis
Machine Vision

Data Science (DSC)
Data Analytics, Machine Learning
Soft Computing, Neural Networks
Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence
Mining Spatial and Temporal Data
Metadata and Meta Modeling especially focused in the domains of Social Networks
Social Media including blogs and Online Collaborative Environments
Text Mining
Information Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis
Collaborative Filtering and Ontology
Visual Data Mining
Privacy Sensitive Data Mining and Graph Data mining 
Big Data Analytics
Computational Finance
Information Science including Multi-Agent Systems and Intelligent Systems
High Performance Computing
Biomedical Informatics and application of Crowd Sourcing
 Networking and Information Security (NIS)
Multimedia Communications Networks
Wireless Ad hoc/ Sensor/IoT Networks
Mobile and Personal Area Networks
Information Technology Networks
Vehicular ad-hoc network
Body Area Networks, Optical Fiber Network
SDN, Peer-to-peer, overlay, Content Distribution Networks
Cognitive Radio Networks and DNA Inter Networks
Information Security [Session Chair:  ]
Content Protection and Digital Rights Management
Watermarking, Steganography, Cryptography
Biometrics, Digital Libraries
Network Security, Computer Security, Cyber Security

Sequential, Parallel, Distributed and Cloud Computing (PDC)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Load balancing and Partitioning
Multi-cores, Memory Hierarchy,
Multiprocessor Synchronization and Debugging
Concurrent Programming,
OS Virtualization, Modeling and Simulation,
Load Balancing and Partitioning, Compiler Techniques
Cloud Computing, PaaS, SaaS, AaaS, IaaS, EaaS Modeling
Performance Analysis and Security Provisioning in Cloud Computing

Multimedia, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems (MSE)
Ontology and Reasoning
Applications of Semantic Web and Linked Data
Semantic Web Architecture, Social Semantic Web
IP Core Design, Multi Media Audio and Video Streaming
Algorithms for IP Core Protection
Algorithms for Security Aware Behavioral Synthesis
Fault Aware Computing, CAD Algorithms for Smart Devices
Algorithms for Biometric Security

Power, Smart Grid and Internet of Things (PSI)
Power systems, Smart grid
Smart Grid Applications, Grid Computing
Internet of Things, low power/energy-aware computing
IT Intervention in Power Distribution System Management
Power System Security Management through Advanced Information Technology Application
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Behavioral/High-Level Synthesis and Optimization
High-level synthesis algorithms and methodology